About Taesanti


Taesanti strives to create inspirational media and products to harness the needs of both established and unestablished systems. To help collective community problems. Start more local businesses for diversity to bring costs down.

The Foundation:

Will be able to operate within itself by passion and driven necessity, effectively, connecting those wanting to teach with those, wanting to learn, we create environments, able to adapt and modulate to form positive workspaces

Hi there! I’m Edward, a passionate creative and the soul behind Taesanti.


Products – such as app and tech development, combined with music, art, culinary construction, fabrication, and study – will be created in a system that overlaps these fields


Provides a space tailored to maximum productivity, enhanced by system changes to best host any circumstances. From specifics, such as pre-cut events and preplanned, agendas, and topics. Most importantly, a safe and friendly space, dedicated to creativity and constructive experiences.